Sustainability & ethical sourcing

Our social and environmental responsibility

At Gabee we recognise the responsibility to make aware the social and environmental impacts of our organisation for the better of all communities involved. From working conditions across the supply chain and community issues that concern our people and customers, to the environmental impacts and packaging and transporting orders to our customers. The moral imperative of our people as well as our own philosophies are what drives Gabee to be a responsible and transparent business. 

By knowing as much as we can about our supply chain, including where our leather, cotton, and other raw materials come from, Gabee can ensure that where possible, we make choices that minimise harm to people or the environment.

We regularly visit traders along our supply chain to understand as best as we can, the life journey of our raw materials. When this is not possible, we rely on advice from our local suppliers. Likewise, we want to know the people involved in our creations.

Gabee regularly visits our suppliers, and where possible spends time with the craftsmen and workers involved. We usually see the same smiling faces year in and year out.  

We ensure the people that work on Gabee products are to be paid fairly, and to work in an environment that is safe, and free from discrimination or harassment. We want workers to be able to take time out for religious or cultural activities, and to have their rights respected at all times.

We visit our suppliers regularly to ensure that the environment maintains the above conditions.

We have known many of our suppliers many of years, and have developed long and productive working relationships.

We always enter new supplier relationship with the hope of working together for a long time, and aim to build a relationship based on communication and trust. These elements are essential for us in creating a truly collaborative partnership.