Mononogram FAQ

Personalisation FAQs


What is a monogram?

A monogram is the application of your initials onto a product. In our case, we offer debossed. Monograms can come in a variety of letter orders (first, middle last; first last middle, etc.), and we apply them in the exact order that you use when you enter them into our monogram previewer.

How much does personalisation cost?

Monogram fees depend on personalisation type (deboss, paint, or Trapunto), product, and complexity of the monogram location. Deboss is $5 a letter. 

Debossed vs. embossed

What is debossed leather and how is it different than embossed leather? Embossed monogramming pushes your monogram up above the surface of the leather. Our debossed monograms do the opposite by pressing down into the leather, creating an impression that ages beautifully.

What is a character count?

For each style, our team determines the optimal character count based on the maximum number of letters that can fit on the product. Some styles offer extended character counts, so you can include full names or catchy phrases. Usually, our maximum is 5 per bag. 

What does blind mean?

Blind monogramming is when we press our brass dies directly into the leather surface without any metallic or colored foil. Your monogram will either be the same color as the leather, or with the heat, it could burnish to slightly darken the leather.

What is foil deboss?

Foil monogramming uses a similar process to blind debossing. However, in this case we layer a strip of gold foil, rose gold film, silver film, or black film over the leather when we stamp so your deboss takes on the colour of whatever foil or film we use.

Do you offer custom debossing?

Our Corporate Sales team can assist with any high-volume orders with custom monogramming and/or logo debossing. Minimums are based on the retail cost of the product and range from 5-30 pieces. You can inquire here

Can I choose a different location for personalisation?

We have pre-selected an optimal spot for all our products. For select styles in debossed monogramming, there are alternate locations for you to pick from for your monogram placement.

What colours can you emboss in?

We process orders live as they are placed and therefore are unable to make changes once the order has been finalised. 


What font type and font size do you offer for embossing?

We use a classic Serif font style in a 36pt size. This is used in all of our display products and images and is perfect for cardholders, wallets, pouches, clutches and bags. In all of our example products on our site we have monogrammed in size 36pt font. 



My personalisation is wearing off, what can I do?

If your personalisation is fading with wear and tear, please head into our head office  at 228 Ferntree Gully Rd Notting Hill 3168 with a copy of your receipt to be serviced and re-embossed free of charge. Alternatively if you're not able to visit us please reach out to us at and we will assist you.

How long will by order take to process?

It will take an extra 1-2 days to customise your accessory.