Gabee is an Australian high quality leather bags and accessories company designed in the heart of Melbourne which is synonymous with an Australian way of life. This year we celebrate seventy years of Gabee Products and the Arnheim family’s commitment to designing stylish contemporary leather bags, accessories and travel goods spanning over three generations. 

Heinz Arnheim who founded Gabee in 1949, named the company after his wife Gabrielle, and brought European style to a young Australia. In his Little Collins Street atelier, Heinz had a vision to create bags of difference; he designed and crafted leather accessories and formed the foundations of style, innovation & quality that remain intrinsic to our three generation, seventy one year old family business.Still remaining at the core of our company, seventy years on, our reputation for fashion, functionality, detail and commitment to quality remain unchanged. Gabee is designed in Australia, right here in the heart of Melbourne. We take inspiration from our surroundings, designing simple yet functional leather accessories that exude quality. After all, nothing should take away from the beauty of our natural rawleather. In our eyes, this is the hero of every product we create.

Today we source the worlds finest quality sustainable leather renowned for its incredible softness and hand-feel. Add a dash of timeless simplicity, stylish design and contemporary feel to give you a statement piece that will make any outfit dance. Our product appeals to the woman and man who understands it’s this attention to detail that makes all the difference when it comes to style and being timelessly stylish. Gabee carefully crafts pieces that are timeless and classic, we don’t buy in to the ‘fast fashion’ movement, instead carefully curate collections which withstand both time and trends. 

We are extremely committed to empowering Australian businesses by keeping our processes transparent, our philosophies open and engaging in only the most ethical practices. We are proud to be involved in the ‘Slow Fashion Movement’, prioritising quality and longevity through all of our creations. This translates across to how we source our materials, from our leather to the packaging in order to help preserve the earth a little bit longer, for our families and those who live beyond us.

These are the core values of Gabee and the individuals who work with us. It’s our hope that you’ll find inspiration through our ethically crafted leather accessories and help celebrate timeless style through our timeless designs.