Leather Care FAQs



Gabee is a marque synonymous with artisanal quality and luxurious natural materials. Your Gabee bag is primarily made using only the best natural materials we can source, including many different leathers, suede, fur, cotton, canvas and more. As every hide is unique; tonal variations, marks or veins are natural features and should not be considered imperfections. To preserve the original quality of your bag we recommend avoiding contact with water, grease, perfumes and cosmetics, and extended exposure to U.V and storing your Gabee Bag away from sunlight when not in use. Every Gabee bag product is crafted from natural materials will evolve over time with use and become as unique as its owner. Please refer to the information below on the exact materials used in your bag and how best to care for it ensuring this treasured possession stands the test of time.

How to care for your leather handbag or leather wallet?

We use fine quality leather to make your accessories. The leather has a soft hand feel and is intended to age and soften further with wear.  Crushed, matte and rough finishes are intentional giving the leather a distinctive look.  Slight variations in colour, grain and texture are all part of leathers unique characteristics. The leather has been treated with a protective coating to help resist stains. Over time with use, these coatings may break down.  We recommend you treat the leather with care and if applying any conditioner or protective sprays that you test them first in a hidden spot.  We recommend you read our FAQ section below or if you need further advice consult a professional leather store such as a shoe repairer to get the best advice on how to clean and protect your accessories.


We recommend that most leather products are protected before wearing. A waterproof spray can be used to repel water, preserve and protect leather, suede and nubuck products. We do not recommend the use of Water proofer on metallics, patents and box leathers. These are protected leathers that have a covering or film applied to the leather to create a special finish.


Leather Dew Cream is designed to protect and nourish leather products. Please test the Leather Dew on a small, unnoticeable part of the leather before applying.
The Leather Dew cannot be used on any suede, nubuck or metallic leathers. 

Cleaning and polishing

Most leather cleaners are specialised depending on the type of leather. These can be purchased from your local shoe repairer who can assist you. Remove fingerprints or marks with the Gabee Leather Dew to polish patent leather products. 

Important - Leather will stretch over time. Wallets have a number of credit card pockets which are designed to hold ONE card only. Storing more that one card per pocket may cause the leather to overstretch which could result in cards falling out. Likewise if your handbag is over loaded with extremely heavy items it will stretch too.