Linings & Features


Suede is soft and luxurious, however due to the nature of the hide, some suede leather fibers may rub and fleck off when rubbed against surfaces (i.e. your clothing). Please note that the fibers of your clothing, particularly denim or dark may also transfer onto your bag. It is essential given the nature of suede that you are particularly cautious of UV exposure, as the material is very sensitive to environmental factors. We recommend taking extra care of your Gabee suede leather product and if marking occurs we suggest patting the area dry with a clean cloth or suede eraser. If your suede gets wet or oily you can apply a thin layer of talcum powder, leave it to dry overnight before gently brushing with a suede brush (or piece of dry towel) to remove any excess moisture. Regularly using a suede brush will help keep the fabrics natural nap and will also remove any excess surface dirt that may be left on the suede. We highly suggest ensuring you keep your Suede product away from topical cleaning products, as these will disrupt the fibers in the suede. When not in use store in the protection bag provided.


Our canvas products are made using 100% natural cotton canvas that is untreated. Canvas is easy to maintain as it has water resistant qualities. Simply brush off any dust before it embeds in the fabric and wipe off any moisture or spill as soon as they occur. We do recommend avoiding any excessive abrasion, extreme U.V. exposure and water saturation. If any marks appear carefully spot clean with a cotton cloth and lukewarm water, rubbing very gently.A scotchgard treatment can be explored with your local leather care specialist.


Cotton Lining

Gabee bags are fitted with cotton lining to reduce the visible signs of marking through use. If you wish to clean your lining we suggest removing all the contents of your bag and flipping your bag inside out. Wipe down the lining with a damp cloth and let your lining sit outside the bag until it is completely air dried away from heat or sunlight.