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How to rate and review a GABEE bag?


What should I write in my review?
• Keep it short and sweet (50-100 words is best)!
• Share how/where you love to use the product.
• What do/can you carry in the bag/wallet.
• Share how a shoe fits (smaller/larger than average).
• Think about what you want to know when you’re looking for a new accessory.
• Any advice on what you’d like to see more of.
Can I just leave a star rating?
Unfortunately not, in order for your review to be insightful for other customers we require you to complete your overall rating, give your review a title and description and rate the products price, quality, design and fit (where relevant).
What if I don’t want my review to be public?
If you would like to post your review anonymously, simply fill out your review name with a nickname or anonymous name that does not identify you. Once you submit your review it will be published on the product page on our website and visible to other customers!
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