There is nothing I dislike more than having to trudge through a busy airport dragging my heavy and cumbersome luggage behind me. Thankfully, I have found the solution: the Echolac and Cobb & Co 4 wheel luggage.

Echolac hard cases are designed and made in Japan from poly carbon material and have a unique patented material that makes them scratch and crack resistant. Don’t be fooled – there are a lot of imitation products out there that will not go the distance or last as long as our guaranteed products.The cases boast heavy-duty zippers and a TSA combination lock to ensure that all your belongings are kept safe and secure inside.

These cases are so super lightweight and glide smoothly across the floor next to you as you walk.The 4 spinner wheels make it extremely easy to manoeuvre and allow the ability to hold 2 cases back to back in one hand and juggle either a coffee, your passport or the kids hands in the other!

The Cobb & Co super lightweight fabric cases are sure to make traveling a lot easier due to their patented unique detachable4-wheel spinner system that allows the wheels to be removed for easy storage when at home.

It features an expandable zipper that increases the capacity by an additional 30%, as well as many internal and external pockets and compartments.Why would you bother traveling with anything else!

Make travelling an easy, stress free adventure.



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