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Protect Your Privacy with Cobb & Co RFID BLOCKING Wallets, Purses and Passport Holders

September 05, 2014

Picture this.... You are enjoying a nice summer holiday off the coast of St.Tropez when all of a sudden you go to use your credit card to purchase that cute 2 piece swimwear you have had your eye on since the start of the holiday and it is declined! You try once more only for it to be rejected yet again. All of a sudden your worst fears come to fruition…credit card fraud! Panic waves over you as you realize the rest of your holiday is going to be spent calling up your bank on the other side of the world, cancelling your cards, waiting to be issued temporary ones…the list goes on.  All of this could have easily been... Continue Reading →

#TRUEBLUEBLOKE Fathers Day Campaign Rasing Funds For Cancer Research

August 04, 2014

We are proudly supporting Mens Cancer research this Father’s Day. We are partnering with Blue september to raise funds and awareness for their wonderful charity work supporting research and early diagnosis of Mens cancers. Show your support for a man you care about who has been affected by cancer by purchasing our Cobb & Co range of Men’s Leather Wallets, Bags & Travel Goods. Proceeds from sales during this Father’s day period (August & september) will be donated to support this fantastic and worthwhile cause! Use the hashtag #TRUEBLUEBLOKE for social media posts Continue Reading →

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